Mega Drive Mini from Sega


Introducing The Mega Drive Mini From Sega

Nintendo introduces the Mega Drive Mini. At least fifteen classic Sega games will also come to Nintendo Switch this summer.

The Mega Drive Mini

Nostalgia is catching up on Sega, miniature console trend. It announced that it will release the Mega Drive Mini, at the Sega Fes. This is a miniature version of the Mega Drive. This will happen sometime this 2018. The company also announced that they would be bringing a number of classic games to the Nintendo Switch.

Mega Drive Mini is just a tentative name. It is being released in conjunction with the console’s 30th anniversary, and it will carry a number of classic games. The company has licensed its name to hardware company AtGames, to produce Genesis clones, including the Sega Genesis Flashback.

AtGames announced that the forthcoming Mega Drive Mini will be powered by its hardware.
Sega released the original Mega Drive in Japan on October 29, 1988. And in North America on August 14th, 1989. Ultimately, more than 300 million devices were sold worldwide.

Mega drive mini

Other Information

The company also recently licensed out a selection of its classic games for Android phones and iOS. Switch users may also enjoy playing classic Sega games including Sonic The Hedgehog, Thunder Force 4, and Phantasy Star. These games will be released later this summer.

The Mega Drive Mini will be released first in Japan. No news yet on when Mega Drive Mini will reach Western shores.

This console is anything like the NES and SNES consoles. Thus it comes with built-in games. The full list of the games is yet to be revealed. But it is more likely to have the same line up as the Mega Drive collection for PS4 and Xbox One.

With the upcoming release of the Sega Mega Drive Mini, fans are getting more and more excited each day. Waiting for the new console to be released will hopefully be worth it for avid Sega fans. So stretch your patience a little more. The release of the Sega Mega Drive Mini is almost here and we can then have fun playing with its classic games.