Drone Which Delivers Blood Invented


Invention Of A Drone Delivering Blood

A drone delivering blood has been invented. “It is like playing with a high-tech Bop It”, said Jeff Farr, a flight operator at Zipline.

All About The Drone

It is a nearly seven feet long autonomous fix winged aircraft zipping off a metal runway and into the sky. Jeff Farr is at the drone’s delivery start-up Zipline’s newest test site in California’s Central Valley. His task was to test out a white-bodied, red-winged, battery-powered glider with a ten foot wingspan. This was designed to drop medical packages midflight.

It sounded like a massive zipper unzipping. The drone shoots along an inclining metal track. The carriage that propels the drone down the runway brakes at the end. It is then sent slingshotting the drone forward and into the air.

Blood Delivery

Zipline has been testing drones which will deliver blood to save lives. During the testing, they used water packs instead of real blood. The drone will be carrying a cold package which has blood in it. The team testing on how to deliver the blood properly worked hard to make the procedure a perfect one.
According to one of the people involved with the testing of drones delivering blood is that you can get hooked up with it. Knowing that what they are doing will be a great help to save lives made them work harder to achieve perfection.

Places Where These Drones Are Used

These drones are used to deliver blood to hospitals. But it is of little use in the city. These drones will be used in rural areas where they have limited access to trauma centers and other medical facilities.


The company had signed a contract with Rwanda. It is a known fact that death rates are higher in rural areas where they do not have proper preventive care centers. These drones can be of great help because it can deliver medical supplies and blood to those rural and inaccessible places where these are needed.

The efforts of the people at Zipline may seem ordinary to others, as it may look like they are just playing, to others. But what they do not know is that these people are helping doctors and other medical practitioners save lives.