Android P Will Have Gesture Controls Similar to iPhone X

Android P

Google may have inadvertently leaked a major feature of the new Android P.

Android P

It seems that Google may be doing a facepalm right about now for possibly exposing the new Android P feature in a blog post by accident.

The post, which recaps a security feature, had a screenshot of the DNS settings with a brand new-looking navigation bar. The current Android P built had a solid white back button, a circular home button and a square recent apps button. The screenshot showed a hollow back button and a pill-shaped home button. The recent apps button is missing.

The image has since been removed and replaced with a cropped version of the DNS settings. But not before eagle-eyed people were able to save it.

Rumour has it that the unfamiliar-looking bar is going to be similar to the iPhone X-style gesture navigation.

9to5Google’s Stephen Hall tells Arstechnica that it’s definitely ‘100%’ Android gesture navigation according to his sources. The back button will disappear when not needed such as when a dialog box is open.

It’s worth noting that this could possibly not make it past the development stage and Google could still change the design. If it does make it, we will probably hear about it at Google’s upcoming I/O on May 8-10.