“Business Opportunities”: Are They Real or Are They Fake?

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Our world today uses advanced technologies most of the time. Because of this, people prefer to have online jobs or what we call home-based jobs. Others would rather invest in a business opportunity. But how can we spot which “opportunity” is fake or not?

Pluggle, JuanAds.com, Secret2Success — these are just a few of what people call Business Opportunity. Hearing the word “business” or being a “businessman/businesswoman” can be good for the ears, right? Some of them are indeed real yet how can a too-good-to-be-true opportunity be real.


Business Opportunities
6 Ways to Earn in Pluggle

What is Pluggle? It is an advertising site which promotes traffic. People advertising this say that there are 6 ways to earn from it.

I actually was interested with this one before. What caught my attention was the sign up bonus and personal login bonus.

Since I wanted to try it out, I asked a few members of this business. I knew that in order to earn income from this scheme, you have to invest first.

There is a sign up bonus and 12 days login bonus. When put altogether, it is 1/4 more than the amount that you invested. That was okay for me. But here’s the catch: You won’t be able to withdraw your earnings unless you reach a certain amount. That amount is far from the earnings that you will get from your sign up and login bonuses.

The next way to earn more is to invite people and have them invest in this business as well. In our time, people are already hesitant to invest money because of scams. And because if this, you will have a hard time inviting them to invest like you. This means your earnings become stagnant.

Unless you reach the minimum amount required for a payout, you won’t get a single cent from this no matter how long you do this.

*Update: The company changed its name to “Giggle” due to inappropriate legal documents


Surprise, surprise! I also tried this out 😀

JuanAds.com is a PPC site or Pay Per Click. This means that you get paid for every ad that you click and watch until the end. It also has Network Marketing wherein you have to invite referrals as well.

This “Opportunity” also asks you to invest if you want to earn more. Of course, you can do this for free (this is what i did) but you will just earn $0.0001 per click. Also, there is a limit of only 10 clicks per day for “Free” users. Just think about how long you’re going to keep on clicking the ads before you can withdraw $10. That’s the minimum required amount to payout.

With so many online schemes spreading across the internet, we must know which ones are worth investing for or not.