The competition is high and changing. The voice is now slowly dominating the scene with what has long been dominated by screens of varied sizes and shapes. This time, Amazon partners with Microsoft to launch Alexa for Business.

In fact, Amazon has finally cut ties with other tech giant companies like YouTube. The reason, according to Google, is that Amazon would not potentially carry its products.

For some tech analysts, the move of the Amazon actually spells a disaster for its avid users. Why? Because starting by January 1, Amazon Fire TV users will not be able to access Google’s online video portal.

In response, tech giant Google has reportedly blocked user’s access to the site using Echo Show device of Amazon. Given the tense situation, Amazon has found a new partner to push its technological products: the Microsoft.

Both Amazon and Microsoft are in talks earlier this year for their respective digital assistants. Amazon has voice digital assistant Alexa while Microsoft has Cortana.

But here is what’s surprising is that Amazon’s Alexa will be rolled out to office workplaces. Meet Alexa For Business, a new creative and innovative platform where users can have a practical business use.

With Amazon’s Alexa for Business, users can enjoy working the whole day with enhanced productivity. The platform also provides business tools and resources for your organization.

Furthermore, the set of tools and resources aim to help Alexa-powered devices to boost productivity, among others, Amazon said in its statement.

What can Alexa do for you?

Alexa enhances the capability in personal devices. When using personal devices, Alexa can facilitate smooth communication by enabling the calling and messaging features. Alexa can initiate calls including conference calls.

As an intelligent digital assistant, Amazon’s Alexa can also help you schedule meetings, check your calendars and even manage your reminders. In addition, you can also take advantage of Alexa’s capability to help you look for information using business apps such as Salesforce, Splunk, and Concur.