A week ago, Samsung rolled out a new update for its flagship Galaxy Note 8. The update contains bug fixes and security features for Android-powered devices.

Among the security updates contained in the Galaxy Note 9 software update is the VPN service. Samsung users were not able to notice the new built-in service immediately.

What it makes more interesting is that the Galaxy Note 8 update introduces a new feature for the Galaxy Note series. The VPN service feature allows mobile users to establish a more secure Wi-Fi connection.

It is worthy to note that Samsung previous launched its Secure Wi-Fi service to the Galaxy J series. Some Galaxy J series actually lauded this feature since they are using a low-end type of device.

So how does this VPN works? The built-in VPN service works similarly with Samsung’s latest flagship devices. The service offers users several options to select based on the various plan for the VPN service.

Samsung users can actually pick a VPN service that is free but with limitations. By having a secure Wi-FI, it allows a user to browse the internet when they connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Enabling the VPN service will provide users with a safe access to the internet through encryption, especially the outgoing web traffic.

Samsung also said that such feature prevents access to both websites and applications from users who tracked web activities. This means that the Galaxy Note 8 update adds a new layer of security while being productive.