Most of the iPhones are running on iOS 6

iOS 6 running on Apple devices

iOS 6 running on Apple devices

Although the iOS 6 upgrade has faced a ton of ridicule from people who are disappointed with their Maps app to their WiFi connectivity problem, the iOS 6 update by Apple has been downloaded by at least 60% of iPhone owners already.

According to Chitika Insights, the majority of the iPhones are already running this newest version of the Apple operating system, while the iPad on the other hand has 45% of owners already downloading the latest update.

For the iPod Touch, only 39% are running on iOS 6. The first two versions of the device can’t be upgraded to iOS 6.

The iOS 6 update was rolled out by Apple a couple of weeks ago, and 24 hours after it became available 15% of the compatible devices are running on iOS 6.

Although the iOS 6 app has received its fair share of criticisms following the failure of their native Maps app, Tim Cook is trying to soothe the angry mob by making third party maps app available for download. The Apple CEO went as far as writing a letter to apologize for the failure.

Have you tried the iOS 6 on your Apple device and what was your experience?

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