Apple won’t allow Google Maps on iOS 6, despite Google’s willingness

Google Maps banner

Google Maps banner As they say, there is a reason why they broke up in the first place. The only problem here is it is because of Apple’s own ego. After all, their visionary leader wanted Google out, and despite how many would claim Steve Jobs won’t go this far, you may have forgotten how outrageous his whims were.

Apple maps are atrocious, and have no place being a main feature in a phone that was meant to “just work”. Sure, there are plenty of alternatives in the App Store, but most of them cost money, and the free ones are not as complete as the previous mapping application.

Inaccuracies in the Apple maps database There are those who have taken their browsers to the Google Maps mobile page to be able to make use of Google’s mapping solution until their expected release of a Google Maps app in the App Store, much like how Google released a YouTube app when YouTube was removed from iOS 6. If you were hoping Google is close to releasing something like that right now, we may have to dampen your spirits.

According to Eric Schmidt himself, they are not even working on a Google Maps solution for the new iOS 6. Apple just won’t let them. Apparently, they are on constant talks, trying to negotiate terms on how to move about with adding their mapping solution to the 3rd party list of mapping software available in the Apple App Store.

Eric was so bold as to even suggest that they thought Apple should have just stuck to Google Maps. This was in light of the recent release of the Nexus 7 in Japan, where Schmidt himself spoke on stage to demonstrate the Google Maps 3D view, which can be manipulated by sensors within the device. He was so bold to say “Take that Apple”, but then follows up with a “That was a joke by the way.”

Image showing 3D view in Google Maps As they say, jokes are half meant, and with the bad blood going around between Google and Apple, I wouldn’t be surprised if he more than just jokingly meant the little quip during the Google Maps presentation.

If Apple wanted to, they can get Google Maps back; Google is more than willing to offer their services. The problem is, Apple doesn’t want them back, and they probably won’t approve of a Google Maps app either. Looks like those of us in iOS 6 will just have to look elsewhere, or make use of the website.

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