Apple having problem with WiFi connectivity in iOS 6?

iOS 6 users report having WiFi problems

iOS 6 users report having WiFi problems

Apple recently updated the software versions of their devices and people have found a lot of reasons to bombard the company with criticisms and insults.

Not only is Apple having a hard time to make believers out of their native Maps app, but a number of users of iPad, iPod touch and iPhone owners who have updated their operating systems to iOS 6 find it hard to connect to WiFi.

According to CNET, some users can connect with WiFi, while at times they couldn’t.

Some users have even reported having difficulty in connecting to a Netgear WiFi router, although this problem can be solved by simply downloading a new firmware for the router.

Other individuals said that while they can connect to a WiFi network, the WiFi connection is very slow.

On Apple’s support pages, a number of individuals have aired problem in the AirPlay connectivity on their iPad 2s. Since updating their iPad 2s to the latest OS, it has ceased to function properly.

Apple has still not released a statement regarding the WiFi problem that their users have been experiencing.

Have you updated your Apple device to the latest iOS 6? Do you experience the same troubles?

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