Motorola releases Razr i in Europe

new motorola handset

new motorola handset During Motorola’s London event, the company finally ended all speculations as they unmasked the Droid Razr i.

Similar with the Razr M that was released in the United States, the Razr i was designed exclusively for select European markets.

The Razr i features an Intel 2GHz CPU. The device is the first device that is the result of the Motorola and Intel team up.

It also features a 4.3 inch edge-to-edge display.

According to Motorola this edge-to-edge technology “gives you more screen with less phone.”

Other features that are worth to highlight is the Razr i’s 8GB built-in storage, 8MP rear facing camera and 1GB of RAM.

Unfortunately it doesn’t come with the Android 4.1 Jellybean as it carries the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. But Motorola said that they will eventually upgrade the operating systems of the Razr M and Razr i.

According to GM of Intel’s Mobile and Communications Group Erik Reid, “Motorola RAZR i with Intel Inside naturally blends together the value propositions of high performance Intel Architecture and great battery life.”

“Intel’s goal is to provide compelling technology options that translate into great user benefits and experiences. RAZR i is a great proof point in the collaboration, and we’re thrilled to be working with Motorola to bring this edge-to-edge experience enhanced with Intel to people around the world,” he added.

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