Instagram unveils new Instafy feature



Instagram was such a hit for Apple owners that they decided to create an app for its Android rival to spread the popularity.

Posting those edited images on the Web has been the hobby for many of us, as Instagram turns those simple images into a wondrous work of art.

Liking and commenting on photographs is normally the way to keep tabs on how much your filtered photo has been viewed, but with the launch of Instafy, everything might change.

You will notice as you login to your Instagram account that there’s an Instafy Me tab. Click on the tab and you will then be given three options: Collage, Facebook Cover and Stats.

By clicking the Stats tab, you will be able to see the four most popular photos and the number of likes it has received. This tab will also feature data such as average number of like, average comments and total likes.

The Collage tab enables you to create six different types of collages with your most popular Instagram images.

While the last Instafy tab, Facebook Cover photo, is an option that lets you create a Facebook Cover photo of your most popular photos. The size is purely compatible with the Facebook Timeline cover size and thus perfect for your Facebook account.

Try Instafy and see which Instagram images have received the most number of likes.

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