Nokia unveils 3D Gotham map just in time for release of TDKR


Nokia is once again teaming up with Batman, as they give the latter’s fans an interactive way to roam around Gotham City through a 3D rendering of the city.

Nokia has teamed up with the movie franchise and is set to continue with their tie-up, as they launch an exclusive ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ app for its Lumia line of smartphones, along with an engraved Batman Crusader’s symbol at the back of the device for their limited edition Nokia Lumia 900 TDKR device.

This will enable ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ fans to see what Gotham is like.

On Nokia’s YouTube channel, they give a sneak peak showing Gotham City within a 3D Nokia Maps interface, including landmarks Arkham Asylum and the Wayne Tower.

The Dark Knight Rises will be launched two weeks away from now and this news would surley bolster the popularity of the movie franchise.

Unfortunately, there is no official word yet on when the application will be unveiled or be made available to fans.

This is one way for Nokia to entice their former fans who have swapped their Nokia handsets for iPhones or Android powered devices.

Are we going to see a Nokia revolution soon? What’s your take on this?

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