Malware kills your net by July 9!


Read up dear readers, and read it well. Many of us may no longer be able to access the Internet pretty soon. How soon? Talk about July 9, 2012 soon! A piece of Malware has been floating around in the internet that we all share. You may want to triple think about going to those Malware heavy sites for a while.

It turns out, that there is a Malware called DNSChanger that has been running around for as far back as 2007. The group that created the Malware was just recently detained and their operations put to an immediate halt. Since the capture 8 months ago, the FBI and their affiliates have been out on a campaign to notify the denizens of the internet to update their computers and anti-viruses as well as to check on their computers if they have been compromised.

The Malware has affected users by changing the DNS settings on your browser, thereby redirecting the user into Advertisement-laden sites, and have reaped the benefits of both the Ads, and any information that may have been stolen in the process.

Despite the many efforts of the FBI to inform the denizens of the net, it is estimated that at least 275,000 or more users are at risk of no longer being able to access the net by July 9, 2012 because of this Malware and the DNS problem.

However, there is no need to lose hope, as there is a way to quickly identify if you are hit with the Malware. The DNSChanger Working Group has created a simple web tool to identify if you are infected and might have problem with your DNS. Make sure to visit

If the color is green, then you are safe from the Malware. If the color is red, then you need to change your internet settings pronto before it is too late. Fortunately, McAfee has a DNS Check tool that also checks for the infection of the Malware as well as take care of the tedious task of manually removing the said Malware, protecting your DNS settings.

Speaking of manual removal, please visit the following site:

Spread the news and do not let any of your friends be infected!

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