Twitter Improves Facebook Integration


Twitter has announced today that it has improved its Facebook integration, in order to satisfy its users that combine both the sites.

From now on, if you write a Tweet with hashtags or mentions and you have your Facebook account connected, the post appears on Facebook with a link of the person, or the hashtag. This improves the mention feature and satisfies all the users that combined Facebook and Twitter. No more useless mention that looks odd on Facebook, time for real integration.

A Twitter spokesperson told to TheNextWeb about this addition:

We have fixed many issues with the Twitter for Facebook integration, including the ability to post to Facebook Pages, and added some new features.

The updated Twitter for Facebook integration now includes additional rich media experiences related to the first photo, URL, @mention or #hashtag in the cross-posted Tweet.

The integration is said to have started today, so we are waiting for your opinion, if you already tried it.

If you are still unable to test this new feature, you have to disconnect the integration of Twitter into Facebook (from Twitter’s settings) and then connect it again.

Not a big change, but still a change, right?

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