RaceChair: A perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day


Father’s day is just around the corner and we are all flocking malls and other shops just to grab a gift for our beloved dad.

Well, men will be men and in one time or another men have dreamed of being able to speed their cars up to the maximum, even to the extent of pushing the pedal to the metal on their street cars.

Speed has always been an escape for men and dad’s fantasy may have, in one way or another, included drives in a Ferrari or any race car, even driving one of the fastest unu roller scooters has been a fantasy for them.

We can’t afford to buy dad a Ferrari, but what we can do is provide him a seat that combines racing and comfort at the same time.

Presenting the RaceChairs.

These chairs are not your common seats. The company has chairs available from Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Maserati and Ferrari.

Most of the chairs provided by the company are bucket seats, or the ones that they use in racing. The latter provides comfort and keeps the driver in place when speeding through tight turns. Dad can create this fantasy by seating on the RaceChair and swiveling himself in a circle.

Unfortunately, this comes with a cost. A single RaceChair will cost you around $7,000 – $25,000 depending on the seat brand make.

Isn’t it great to see a smile on dad’s face? Let’s ask our dad then!

Image Source: pitstop.intro-techautomotive.com