Moboto: Your personal assistant in a dock


Never mind Siri. A new innovation has enabled an iPhone dock to act like your personal digital companion. Sounds interesting, right?

Mark Solomon developed a device that turns your recharging iPhone into the latter.

The Moboto dock and app turns your iPhone into a device with multiple personalities that can convey information to its users. Moboto can even act as your weather man as it can display, in its background, what the current weather is outside.

According to Solomon, “When you dock your phone it just launches the app and it brings to life the character. It’s going to enable you to have a little bit of fun with something that is normally a mundane task. Instead of just having your iPhone by your bedside or in a dock at night, it’s plugged into Moboto and you can see its expressions.”

Solomon aims that the Moboto can be commanded by its users via Twitter. Though he is still devising ways on how to do it, he is currently on a mission to make life easier for mobile phone users.

The Moboto team is a Kickstarter and is based in San Jose. In their Kickstarter campaign they are requesting a total of $400,000 to put Moboto into production.

They have 33 days left and have already amassed $20,000.

Care to share a few dollars for their cause? Would you use it on your iPhone?

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