Protect your iPhone with the Scuba Suit


Smartphones or more precisely, iPhones, and water don’t mix. So if you plan on hitting the beach or just going for a simple dive in the pool, you better place your iPhone in a safe distance for it to avoid getting drained in water.

But if you have the Photojojo iPhone Scuba gear, then you can opt to bring your iPhone anywhere near the water and even into it.

The iPhone Scuba Suit is a waterproof case that boasts of 100% protection for your iPhone from water. It has a latch closure to create an airtight lock to protect your iPhone from water even if you submerge it in the latter.

The iPhone Scuba Suit features a touch-sensitive gel screen cover that enables you to use your iPhone underwater. It even has a waterproof headphone jack if you want to listen to your music when you are going swimming (warning: pair it with waterproof headphones). It can even take fabulous photos underneath. Quality-wise, it is comparable to photo’s you take with your iPhone in normal environments.

The iPhone Scuba Suit is waterproof up to 15 feet, so if you’re a scuba diver, make sure to check your depth before going further with your iPhone.

You can have your iPhone protected with the iPhone Scuba Suit by shelling $60 for it.

Care to have one?

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