Is this the end of Facebook vs. Yahoo!?


Ceasefire! We might see an end to Facebook and Yahoo battling it out over patents.

According to Yahoo’s legal team attorney Kevin Smith, “The parties are currently engaged in settlement negotiations to resolve this dispute. The parties believe that a further extension will facilitate settlement.”

Yahoo! filed a suit against Facebook last March at the US District Court in San Francisco, alleging the latter of infringing 10 patents.

This includes infringing patents in advertising, messaging and advertising.

Yahoo asked the court to issue an order stopping Facebook from infringing their patents and to assess unspecified damage.

Facebook vehemently denied the accusation of Yahoo.

Last April, the two company’s argument heated up with Yahoo accusing Facebook of buying patents from other companies in retaliation on the formers suit.

A Facebook spokesperson said, “We remain perplexed by Yahoo’s erratic actions. We disagree with these latest claims and we will continue to defend ourselves vigorously.”

There have been a number of cases filed by one company to another in relation to copyright infringement. Apple has been aggressively defending what they think is their intellectual property while other companies are trying to defend themselves from these suits.

When will the time come when we can all be together?

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