Vodafone enables parents to snoop into their children


Parents are increasingly becoming paranoid as to their child’s phone habits. Questions like, “who are they talking to?” and “what are they talking about?” linger in their minds not knowing what their child is up to.

For these individuals who can’t seem to keep their minds off of their children and who wants to have maximum control over their mobile phone, Vodafone is introducing a new parental control system that can give you this.

Developed by Bemilo, this gives parents the ability to read every text messages, filter friends before adding them as a contact and also features a timer that can set the phone on and off in certain times.

It is controlled by a website and is linked to a SIM card.

Simon Gaff, founder of Bemilo, said to The Telegraph, “Unlike an app, Bemilo’s SIM will work on any mobile device or tablet and most importantly cannot be bypassed by the child.”

Bemilo developed this technology to safeguard children between 6 and 16.

Although this technology could be a big boost to your child’s protection, this also raises a question about your child’s right to privacy. Although child protection is of utmost importance, this technology could potentially raise a debate on the amount of parental control parents have on their child.

Image Source: parentalcontrolmobilephone.com