Klik helps you tag friends in Facebook


Sometimes, tagging photos of your friends in social networking sites is so much to do. Having to click on each face and identify each individual is sometimes an agonizing chore.

A new iPhone app helps you tag your friends minus the hassle. KLiK does a real-time facial recognition to help you identify and tag your friends in photos.

CEO of Face.com Gil Hirsch said, “It’s our most recent evolution of both the platform and the consumer product that we’re offering. We noticed that at parties or events there were many photos being taken but only a few were actually getting tagged.”

By connecting Facebook with Klik, it enables the latter to scan your friend’s photos to create a facial profile of every person in your network.

Klik can only identify individuals who are your friends in Facebook.

The app includes a mode where you can teach Klik for your friends who don’t have an account with the social network.

Hirsch added, “It’s all private and on your device only. I use it to tag my children so that I can later search for all the photos I took of them.”

“We provide a minimum and maximum and approximate age guesstimate, only using the facial information in the photo – nothing else,” he added.

Image Source: webpronews.com