Turn your Instagram photo into a work of art


Instagram has been making waves since its inception. And with it being bought by Facebook, the future seems brighter and larger for this app.

If you are one of the shutter friendly individuals out there who seem to post every photo you take using Instagram, chances are you’d have a collection of picturesque photos that you’d want to hand in your living room wall. Well, this can now be done using the service called Instacanv.as.

Users can log in with their Instagram accounts and choose a photo from their profile or browse through the numerous number of selection from other individuals from the site. You can select prints ranging from three distinct sizes. You can opt to print the photo in either black or white canvas.

This service can also make you some serious money. If your photo gets chosen by an individual, you get 20% of the purchase price. The good thing about this is that you still keep the rights of the photos.

CEO of the company Matt Munson says the they are keen on keeping the sometimes fickle Instagram community happy.

The company is only one of the many to choose from and is one of the cheaper options in the market.

The site will be officially launched this Wednesday and photo prices start at $31.99.

Image Source: fbnstatic.com