Siri calls the Nokia Lumia 900 the best smartphone ever


This is an absolute marketing nightmare. The best smartphone in the market today isn’t Apple’s iPhone. Instead, it is Nokia Lumia 900. The best part about this story is that Apple digital assistant Siri was the one who crowned Lumia as the best phone over the iPhone.

According to PCWorld, this problem arose due to Siri’s complexity. The latter uses Wolfram Alpha to answer questions based on sets of data available. When it came to smartphones, somebody on the team failed to note about this glitch and Lumia 900’s high rating is based only on 5 reviews of the device. All of the reviews gave the Lumia five stars.

The list doesn’t involve any iPhone devices or any Samsung Galaxy S models. The article said that Wolfram Alpha’s data is coming from Best Buy.

The company’s reviews are the ones behind Wolfram Alpha’s answers to questions when it pertains to electronics. When you take a look at Best Buy’s review page of the Lumia 900, they really show 5 exceptional reviews.

Though this may not cause an alarm in Apple’s HQ, but this glitch is something that has to be addressed.

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