Google’s Mothers Day Doodle a hit


Moms are God’s greatest gift to mankind. Who doesn’t have one? Even orphaned children have someone who they call mom.

It doesn’t need to be your biological mother. She can be someone who adopted you, cared for you or to basically put it, someone who showed you what it is to have a mom. Some of us are fortunate to have our real mothers at our side, while some of us are not so fortunate enough to have theirs all the time.

Well, in light of the Mother’s Day celebration, the guys behind the Google Doodle showed their appreciation to Mom’s the world over. The doodle is a hand drawn style crayon animation.

The doodle starts with the two “o’s” rushing to the scene giving their Mom, being symbolized by the “g” letter.

Though Mother’s day are celebrated in different times in the world, in the US and other locations it is celebrated during the second Sunday of May while in UK and other locations it is celebrated during the fourth Sunday of Lent, this doesn’t stop the team from creating a wonderfully themed doodle.

Kudos to the Google Doodle team for another job well done.

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