Survey says majority of Americans tend to share too much on the Web


Majority of American adults or about 90% of them say that people tend to share too much information on the Web.

The usual complaint by people is that people tend to complain too much, followed by unwanted private information and over-the-top photographs.

The huge number of those who are troubled by these posts are shocking enough because people can easily hide or even dismiss these types of posts. Instead, people tend to choose to be offended and complain about the problem.

This may be because of the fact that individuals tend to hide away from the fact that we are the problem. 85% of American adults share information online. Majority of those being shared are photographs. Family and friends photos are probably harmless, but those drunken stupor images and accidents still populate the Web and these types of posts irate individuals.

According to a survey by Intel, 46% of American adults do not think that they would not know anything about their friends and family without the help of social networking sites and sharing information online. 33% of American adults on the other hand feel more comfortable sharing information online than in person.

So what does this say about the current situation?