Skullcandy releases Aviator inspired headphones


Ever since the iconic image of Maverick (Tom Cruise’s character in Top Gun) graced the silver screen with his classic aviators, the Ray Ban sunglasses became a staple in every man’s closet.

The Aviators was and still is a fashion statement. It has turned heads the world over and has become an image of a dressed down sophisticated man.

Now, Skullcandy headphones wants to reinvent the Aviator line with their Aviator inspired headphones. The company who is popular for making excellent sounding earphones have set their sights into creating a marvelous piece, combining the iconic style of that popular sunglasses with their hip headgear.

Designed with the classic sunglasses in mind, the Aviators headphones have a style of their own. As for its sound quality, this line belongs to the company’s new “Supreme Sound” campaign. It is their attempt to jack up the brand’s appeal among audiophiles who want to hear the perfect tone.

It has an Aviators memory foam ear pillows and durable design. This provides the comfort that is necessary for extended listening sessions.

If you have $150 to burn, then go down to your nearest Skullcandy dealer or you can visit their website at to own this marvelous piece of engineering and art.

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