Orangutans use iPads


So you think men are the only ones capable of enjoying technology these days huh?

Well, a Zoo in Milwaukee is going to make you think otherwise as their lovely Orangutans are quickly becoming enamored by Apple’s iPad.

In a show of talent, a young Orangutan draws wide colors across the screen with his new favorite toy. Named Mahal, she presses his face up against the mesh, stretches out his tongue and taps the screen to make it light up and play his favorite nursery rhyme, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

This shows that Orangutans are capable of enjoying these types of technologies and are fascinated with the apps that humans have developed.

According to Zoo primate coordinator Trish Kahn, “We’re excited to see where that goes. It could be they don’t care at all, but, from what I understand of them, I think they’re definitely going to be able to understand this is real time and they’re looking at another orangutan.”

The zoo has introduced the iPad as a form of enrichment for these apes almost a year ago from now. Several zoo’s have followed suite with the help of non-profit Orangutan Outreach. The latter was the one responsible for the app named “Apps for Apes.”

Well, it would really be great to see if the Orangutans could outduel humans in a game of Temple Run.

Image Source: timeinc.net