Affordable iPhones for everyone


Beginning April 20, 4 small telecommunication companies are challenging big Telcos as they promise to sell iPhones at a much affordable price compared to the latter.

NTelos Wireless of Virginia; Appalachian Wireless of Kentucky; Alaska Communications, Matanuska Telephone Association and GCI of Alaska vowed to release iPhones that would be much more cost effective for their clients.

In a report by the Associated Press, Cellcom of Wisconsin told WSAW that they would join the launch. But the company didn’t confirm nor deny the report.

The said companies will charge consumers $150 for the iPhone 4S. That is $49 cheaper than that being sold by AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. A contract of two years is required before applications are approved.

Mississippi-based Telco C Spire Wireless began selling the iPhone a year ago. While US Cellular has turned down the Apple product because it was expensive.

Telecommunication companies subsidize the iPhone which normally costs at $600. If a company decides to sell the product, it shells the money at first before even distributing it to the public.

Shares of Ntelos, Alaska Communications Systems Group Inc. and General Communication Inc. fell last Wednesday. The other small companies are being held privately.

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