The PowerPot: Charge your smartphones while cooking outdoors


The outdoors is a fun way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life. But a lot of individuals are shying away from the great outdoor experience due to one simple fact: the inability to carry electricity out there.

It’s difficult to luge around electric generators just to meet your electricity needs. With all your devices needing charging, the outdoors truly is a big no-no for you and your peers.

But a pair of engineers is attempting to build the PowerPot. The latter is a combination of a cooking vessel and a power generator, with their own power generator battery you could easily get online.

The PowerPot was designed to be used outdoors. What separates it from the rest of the cooking wares out there is its thermoelectric power generation hardware. You only have to hook up the included wire to a USB-compatible device and the heat that is being generated by cooking is turned into electricity to charge your device.

Power Practical which makes the PowerPot says that the latter can provide up to 5W of energy in its smallest size while the bigger model, the PowerPot X model, is designed to be used with tablets as it can provide up to 10W.

Now you need not worry about dead batteries in the woods.

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