Asus unveils latest Transformer product


The Asus Transformer Prime is one fabulous gadget. With its sleek and creative look, no wonder people have been flocking to Asus stores just to get their hands on this wondrous marvel.

Well, the company has unveiled its latest model aimed to compete with Apple’s iPad but much more affordable than the latter. The latest Transformer Pad is similar to that of the Prime but is cheaper at $150.

Unfortunately, for Asus to rival with the iPad, they did a few tweaking to the latest device. This is one of the main differences to its predecessor. The company made revision to key areas that makes the Pad lesser than the Prime.

The Pad is made up of a plastic case compared to the Prime’s metal casing. This results to a heavier device. The display on the other hand sees a huge difference as the crispness of the Prime’s display would see a downward spiral to the Pad’s cheaper display.

The good thing about the Transformer Pad is that it has the same laptop dock that the Prime has. This basically transforms your tablet to a laptop. But you’d have to pay for it of course. It would cost you $150.

Funny, if you total all the cost, it would amount to about $300, around the price of the Prime.

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