So you think Freemium games are free? Think again.


So you think that downloading free apps to your smartphone would cost you nothing aye?

According to NPD Group, players of freemium games would lead to spending money to purchase the premium game to continue playing.

These freemium games can be downloaded for free but tease you with in-game purchases.

Those that are so hooked with the game, or have no desire to rack up impressive bills, spend a ton of dollars to buy this in game loads.

About 40% of freemium gamers have already made an in-app purchase.

NPD surveyed about 6,416 individuals aged 2 and older and have found out that men have the tendency to purchase in-game compared to women.

They added that 84% of freemium players tend to stick with the business model, males ages 13-34 are more likely to stop playing freemium titles compared to females.

Another study done by research firm HIS last January said that in-game purchases totaled to $970 million last 2011 and they are forecasting that it will reach $5.6 billion by 2015.

The number of these free downloadable games and apps have seen a spike from previous years.

Even traditional games have been trying to develop games for mobile phones to increase revenue.

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