Money saving LED bulb


How much are you willing to shell out for a light bulb?

Well, what if a company would sell you a $50 LED bulb? Would you immediately pull out your cash and line up at the checkout counter or would you run to the nearest exit?

Say hello to the new Philips L Prize LED bulb.

This ten watt marvel costs $50 but you’d have to think about its pros before running out of Home Depot.

According to Ryan Vaughan of Home Depot, “It’s definitely worth it when you factor in the operating costs and replacement costs.”

This light bulb lasts 30,000 hours or about 20 years. Those you buy in the market today was designed to last only for 1,000 hours or a year.

Vaughan added, “So you’ll be replacing them less often, plus they cost about ¼ of the amount of energy so your energy bill is gonna be a lot lower.”

Though this is not out in the market as of today, analysts say that it’s about time that a technology like this would be available to consumers.

Think about this, an incandescent light would costs $83 a year to run. Compare it with the Philips LED light which can only cost you about $17.50.

Think about it.

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