Fans demand refunds for Mass Effect 3


The Mass Effect 3 game is now turning out to be a failure due to the controversial ending of the game. Fans and gamers have flooded social networking sites, bombarded FTC and BBB with complaints and protests in Montreal.

Add to the fact that Amazon is taking returns and is issuing refunds for the game.

On individual confirmed that Amazon refunded his opened game. According to, they spoke to an Amazon customer service and was informed that, “Once you open the package and if you are not satisfied you can return it for refund. It applies for all the items shipped and sold by Amazon.”

Some individuals took advantage of this opportunity while some on the other hand see the chance to get a refund as vain.

A Reddit member said, “This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Take some responsibility for your own actions. You bought the game sight unseen (a risk, as any consumer knows), and you played the whole goddamn thing. And now you think someone else should take a financial hit, because the ending to a story… a subjective piece of art…didn’t go the way you wanted.”

What’s confusing is that BioWare and EA have not addressed the problem directly. Though a statement was issued last week, it has given a lot more clout in the situation.