Counter-Strike Portable now on Andoids


The days of throwing flashbangs, carrying MP4 rifles and evading sniper fire could be back in the fold.

One of the most popular first person shooter games of all time has been redeveloped to bring this cult game back to the limelight and into your Android phones. Though the game is still being played nowadays, but fans have been declining since a thousand and one games like it have popped up on the scene.

Counter-Strike has made every boy and every man’s dream come true. Now, fans who wish to keep the game alive is developing a version of the game for the said device. The game being a modified version of Half-Life has seen its up and downs in recent years and hopefully, the new generation of gamers will be able to appreciate the game.

The Android version will still have a team of counter terrorists pitting them against the bomb wielding terrorist team. The game used to be a Windows exclusive game. Now, it has evolved because newer versions can now be played on your web browsers. There are currently 2 Android versions for this game. One is for Android 2.0+ devices while the other is for Gingerbread and higher.

Let the war games begin!

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