Facebook, Google among tech giants to fight against phishing


The war against email scams is on.

Tech companies, including Facebook and Google are coming together to develop a system to combat scams also knows as phishing.

This scheme lures people and tricks them into giving their passwords and other personal information by sending emails that looks like legitimate. They use banks, retailers and other businesses as fronts of their dirty ways.

In order to deter such attack to their clients and members, 15 major tech and financial firms have organized a group to develop a system to authenticate emails from legit senders and blocking out fake ones. It is called the DMARC or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance.

DMARC is based on existing modes of combating spam. These techniques are designed to authenticate or verify that an email is coming from an illegitimate source.

This new system seeks to address this by asking email senders and the companies to provide an email service to share information about the communiques that they are sending and receiving. Companies can also receive alerts from email providers every time somebody not authorized is using their domain name is used for fake messages.

According to Google, at least 15 percent of non-spam messages in Gmail comes from domains that are under DMARC. Adam Dawes, product manager of Google said in a blog post that, users “don’t need to worry about spoofed messages from these senders.”

He also added that, “With DMARC, large email sender can ensure that the email they send is being recognized by mail providers like Gmail as legitimate, as well as set policies so that mail providers can reject messages that try to spoof the senders’ addresses.”

Image source: hoax-slayer.com