Domestic data roaming limits for T-Mobile customers soon


It seems like the days of surf all you want whenever you want are nearing its end.

TmoNews was able to get a copy of a document written by T-Mobile that indicates that the telecommunications network is set to make roaming changes to “continue providing competitive pricing options in the industry.”

They said that these changes will be made known to customer in February.

This said changes will be staggered: 50MB of data will be limited to the 2GB plan, while the 5GB plan will get 100MB and the 10GB plan will have a monthly limit of 200MB. T-Mobile is going to send text messages to customers when they have nearly consumed their monthly allotment, or when they go over their limit. The monthly allotment will be reset on a new billing cycle.

Business and government account, T-Mobile employee accounts, mobile broadband rate plans, voice domestic roaming, and text and picture messaging while roaming are exempted from the rationing.

According to the T-Mobile document, “Domestic data roaming allotments are currently used across the wireless industry and are quite common with other carriers.” Sprint is the only one who does this currently while Verizon and AT&T do not.