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Are ebooks the trend of the future?

Is ebooks the trend of the future? According to a report published by the Association of American Publishers (AAP), publishers now earn more on ebooks than hardcover books. The report said that the sales revenue (net) from ebooks is more than the  sales of hardcover books during the first half of the year. This is the first time that digital copies of […] Read more →

Kindle Fire features, still no match for iPad

 The new bargain priced Kindle Fire has received good reveiws lately and it seems that it has ignited public interest on the tablet arena. Unfortuantely, with the gazillion updates Amazon and other tablet manufacturers have done to their devices, it’s a pity that it’s hard to read books on. The Kindle Fire is suppsed-to-become 2012‘s […] Read more →

Amazon: Kindle sales hits millionth mark

 Amazon announced last Thursday that Kindle devices were flying of the shelves for the past few weeks. They are estimating a million Kindle devices sold per week for the past three weeks. The sales are for their latest Kindle fire, Kindle touch and the Kindle. Their latest gadget, the Kindle Fire, is their version of […] Read more →

Samsung brings their eReader total to four

 It seems like Samsung is indeed really serious in joining the eReader market. Because aside from the eReaders they’ve unveiled on the press conference at the CES, they have two more eReaders on display on their booth. In addition to the E6 (6-inch) and E101 (10-inch), Samsung apparently also have a 5-inch model and 6-inch […] Read more →

Kindle: Most gifted item in Amazon

 Before, a lot of people thought ebooks will never really be a hit and ebook readers aren’t a necessity. All of that changed with the introduction of Amazon’s Kindle. For the first time ever, Amazon shoppers on Christmas day bought more books for their Kindles then they did the traditional paperbacks and hard-bounds. Usually, on […] Read more →

Free Wi-Fi on Barnes & Noble stores

 You can now buy and download eBooks right in the stores of Barnes & Noble thanks to the launching of free Wi-Fi in their bookstores yesterday. Of course, the free wireless hotspots will be provided through AT&T, the same company that has provided Barnes & Noble paid Wi-Fi network since 2005. And if you’re wondering […] Read more →