Amazon pulls out 5,000 titles from Kindle store


Amazon is pulling out at least 5,000 titles of the shelves after they failed to reach an agreement with Independent publish Group (IPG) over terms of a new contract. The latter is the second largest independent book distributor in the US and has been in the business for 41
Chicago Tribune reported that Amazon began pulling out IPG titles last Monday when discussions between the two companies seemed to break down. The e-books are the only once years.


affected as print editions are still available in Amazon.

In a published email, IPG president Mark Suchomel blamed Amazon for the outcome of the talks. He accused the latter of placing pressure on publishers and distributors in the hope of getting a better deal.

According to the email, “Our electronic book agreement recently came up for renewal, and Amazon took the opportunity to propose new terms for electronic and print purchases that would have substantially changed your revenue from the sale of both. It’s obvious that p

The losers of this botched deal are the end users or the customers. They will be neglected of purchasing a piece of those 5,000 titles.ublishers can’t continue to agree to terms that increasingly reduce already narrow margins.”

Amazon has not commented on the issue as of the moment.