Samsung brings their eReader total to four


It seems like Samsung is indeed really serious in joining the eReader market.

Because aside from the eReaders they’ve unveiled on the press conference at the CES, they have two more eReaders on display on their booth.

In addition to the E6 (6-inch) and E101 (10-inch), Samsung apparently also have a 5-inch model and 6-inch model with a QWERTY keypad.

Similar to the E6 and E101, the two newly-unveiled models also have touchscreens and users can write directly on the screens using a stylus with a built-in electromagnet resonance (EMR).

The two is set to be released on March or April, months ahead of the E6 ($399) and the E101 ($699) which are both set to be launched on July. Pricing for the two new eReaders however aren’t available yet.