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LG to release their own Internet TV this month

LG to release their own Internet TV this month One of the leading television makers in the world, LG Electronics Inc., is set to launch their Internet capable television set in the United States within the month. The company is trying to gain market share of the vast potential of the Internet TV market. This signifies a tough stance by the company as they […] Read more →

iMacs’ two-week shipping delay due to strong demand

 Yes, there’s a fifty-fifty chance that Apple is celebrating right now because it is possible that the two-week shipping delay maybe due to stronger-than-expected Mac desktop sales. Stephen Baker, an analyst for market researcher NPD Group, told Information Week that sales at U.S. retailers from the months of October to November were up 74%, compared […] Read more →

Apple tablet to be launched in Spring 2010

 Or at least that’s what an analyst says. If you’re tired of hearing about this yet-to-be-seen but much talked-about Apple tablet (you read our first article on this here, and then here, here and oh yeah, here), too bad for you. As long as Apple keeps mum about this supposedly “new” gadget of theirs, the […] Read more →