LG to release their own Internet TV this month


One of the leading television makers in the world, LG Electronics Inc., is set to launch their Internet capable television set in the United States within the month.

The company is trying to gain market share of the vast potential of the Internet TV market.

This signifies a tough stance by the company as they try to battle it off against Apple Inc. who is also rumored to launch their own Internet capable television.

According to Ro Seogho, executive vp of LG’s TV business unit, “Production of Google TVs will start from May 17 from our factory in Mexico and US consumers will be able to but the product from the week of May 21.”

The Google TV gives its users access to Google services such as their search engine and YouTube videos on their TV sets.

Ro said that the company will decide if they would launch the television set to other continents after they review the sales performance in the US.

Companies of big TV makers have their own versions of the Internet TV and are trying to push their technologies in the market.

LG is planning to enable about 60% of their TVs with their own NetCast platform installed. This will give the users the chance to access the Net, social networking and online games.

Image Source: futurenet.com