iMacs’ two-week shipping delay due to strong demand



Yes, there’s a fifty-fifty chance that Apple is celebrating right now because it is possible that the two-week shipping delay maybe due to stronger-than-expected Mac desktop sales.

Stephen Baker, an analyst for market researcher NPD Group, told Information Week that sales at U.S. retailers from the months of October to November were up 74%, compared to the same period last year. According to him, Apple may not be able to accommodate all the orders for the 27-inch iMac and may ship some of the orders until after the holidays.

“That’s a pretty strong number, and typically that would say to me that maybe they have some issues in trying to get that level of product out the door,” Baker said Tuesday.

Why did I say fifty-fifty? Coz we aren’t 100% sure yet. Sales may have increased but the number of complaints issuing from the unhappy consumers who bought the latest model of iMac. Among those complaints include flickering, cracked LCDs, yellow-tinged screens, and some even inoperable.

Up until now, the company has not made any official comment or given any official statement addressing the comments that filled more than 80 pages of the company’s support forum. They did however, apologize for the shipping delays. 😉