#170 Gamescom 2019 HYPE!

There’s alot of hype around Gamescom 2019 this year, let’s see what is going down before it all kicks off!

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#58 Patreon Is Partnering With Reddit

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THE PROMISE OF Patreon, the membership platform for independent artists and creators, has always been simple: If your fans like your work, they will pay you for it. No need to slough off cash from advertisers, or make shady deals with brands. It’s just you, your fans, and the stuff you make for them. Patreon has slowly introduced new ways for creators to milk the most out of these fan relationships. They can give subscribers (called “patrons”) a peek into their lives behind-the-scenes with Patreon Lens, a Snapchat dupe specifically for creators. They can host live Q&As with fans on Discord, the voice-and-text chat app. Now, Patreon has another trick up its sleeve: It’s announcing an integration with Reddit, aimed at bringing creators closer than ever to the fan networks that support them.

Facebook Rolling Out Redesigned Messenger App With Simplified Interface and Customizable Chat Bubbles

Facebook today announced that it’s rolling out a redesigned, simplified version of the Messenger app on a global basis starting today. Messenger 4, as Facebook is calling it, will refocus on conversations, making it easier to navigate through the app. Instead of nine separate tabs, there will be three tabs, with conversations quickly accessible through the “Chats” tab. Quick access to the camera for sharing photos and for video chats is also included in the Chats tab.

Arcade1Up is next-level retro gaming with cabinets for Street Fighter and other classics

The retro gaming trend gives us many ways to spend new money reliving old memories. Systems like SNES Classic, C64 Mini and the upcoming PlayStation Classic top the gift charts as consumers yearn for the good ol’ days. But now, the company Arcade1Up is taking the craze to the next level with build-it-yourself home arcade cabinets. The machines are now on sale in retail stores, starting at $300 (which converts to roughly £288, or AU$420). There are several flavors of machines, with each cabinet featuring a handful of iconic arcade titles: Street Fighter, Rampage, Centipede, Asteroids and Galaga are among the first batch.

HP’s latest Spectre x360 has a new angular design and 22.5 hours of battery life

HP is updating its popular Spectre x360 convertible laptops today. Both the 13- and 15-inch versions are getting a new “gem cut” design with a more angular look and feel. The new design also includes a USB-C port that’s angled on the edge of the Spectre x360 to improve cable management. As you’d expect, HP is including Intel’s latest 8th Gen quad-core processors inside the 13-inch Spectre x360, and six-core options for the larger 15-inch model.

Alexa, be afraid

“What was your favorite thing today?” I heard the question from at least five different Amazon executives last month in Seattle, when the online megaretailer introduced us to about a dozen new Alexa gadgets. “What jumped out at you?” All of it? None of it? I really wasn’t sure. I didn’t see a new, breakout hit like I saw when Amazon first compressed Alexa down into a Dot-sized speaker that cost just $50. Instead, I saw a mess of tangents, an Echo for everything. Alexa, throw the spaghetti at the wall. Alexa, tell us what stuck.

Those painted sculptures in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey are true to history

When Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey debuted earlier this month, it received widespread praise for the quality of its world-building and narrative. Some historians say it also deserves high marks for its attention to historical detail in recreating ancient Greece. Notably, the game showcases colorfully painted statues, temples, and tombs dotted about the virtual city. Yes, it’s true: contrary to all those pristine, gleaming white marble sculptures we see all the time in museums—the ones we long thought defined the Western aesthetic of the Classical era—Greco-Roman art was awash in color. Art historians have known this for a while, of course, but the knowledge hasn’t really moved beyond the confines of that rarefied world. That might change, now that it’s a feature in a hugely popular game.

Monster Sanctuary – Monster Taming Metroidvania

Monster Sanctuary is a monster-taming RPG with party-based combat and metroidvania-like exploration. New monsters provide additional strategic options in combat and allow you to overcome obstacles to explore new areas and find hidden treasures. The turn-based combat focuses on team synergy and combos, distinguishing Monster Sanctuary from other popular monster collecting games.

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Reddit Starts Rolling out First Redesign in 10 Years

Reddit’s mascot Snoo also gets upgraded with a more 3D look.

(Credit: Reddit) Reddit in Card View

Earlier this week, Reddit started rolling out the redesign of their website. This will be visible to one percent of users initially but will eventually be available to all of their users and lurkers.

This redesign marks the first time in a decade that the text-heavy social media website made changes to their interface.

What it looks like now:

The new design is quite similar to what most modern websites in Squarespace or Wix look like. A menu on the left corner of the page has replaced the navigation bar. This menu shows links to feed, subreddits that the users follow and user profiles.

With the new interface, different fonts help distinguish external links or links that lead to another post. Clicking on a post opens up a box instead of opening up the page. This  allows uses to access that post without being taken away from the page.

Those who are fanatics of the old html-style design can still use the old design as said in a  post. “We do not have plans to do away with the current site. We want to give you more choices for how you view Reddit.”

The redesign has been in the works for over a year now. In his post, CEO Steve Huffman explained why they decided to change the interface.

“Many of us evangelize Reddit and tell people how awesome it is … then when those new people decide to check out Reddit for the first time they’re greeted with dystopian Craigslist. We’d like to fix that.”

According to him, they hope to decrease the bounce off rate for first-time visitors and increase time on-site for everyone.

Users will be able to choose to view the site in three modes: “classic view” which is similar to the old design, “card view,” , or “compact view”.


(Credit: Reddit) Reddit in Classic View
(Credit: Reddit) Reddit in the Compact View

Next To Dislike: Facebook Tests A ‘downvote’ Button

Social media giant Facebook is now testing a new feature that can be described as the biggest changes in the platform. The company is now testing a downvote feature that would allow Facebook users to “downvote” comments.


This feature was made known when Taylor Lorenz, a tech reporter, posted photos of what appears to be a Facebook feed showing the “downvote” comments. Lorenz posted these photos in a series of tweets.


Facebook is testing a ‘downvote’ button


Facebook’s downside feature is placed along side with the app’s Like and Reply buttons. While other Facebook users also reported seeing the downside comment feature on their feeds.


Upon learning Facebook’s downside comment feature, Lorenz wrote that “Facebook is testing downvoting comments. Very Reddit tbh!,” noting that the feature is similar to that of Reddit’s.


Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian Sr., wrote a comment, saying that Facebook’s feature is indeed very similar to Reddit’s. He responded in the tweet: “Sincerest form of flattery! Wish I’d trademarked it and ‘upvote’ when I came up with it.”



To date, the social media giant has yet to respond to the rumor about the downvote button. But this rumor has surfaced earlier, but the recent update of the app shows only the thumbs-up button.


What do you think of Facebook’s downvote feature? Leave a comment below!

No more passwords for free downloads in Apple App Store

Apple has decided to give its iOS users a break after the company decided to make it more convenient for them to download free apps.
The tech firm has disabled password input for apps that don’t require premium payment. A Reddit user recently tried this within Apple’s latest operating system, the iOS 6 beta version.

According to “varmanj”, users can download free apps from the Apple app store without inputting their passowrd information. This is a truly welcome development, as it makes app downloading easier and faster. But this can also prove problematic as this could easily make downloading easier if you lend you iOS device to a peer of yours. Uninstalling them could be a difficult activity.

Killian Bell of Cult said that this will work on app users who have previously snagged from the app store and new apps. This update is the second major tweak by Apple to the security settings of the app store. This works for iOS 6 for redownloading premium apps and updating installed apps.

This means that password input will only be required when you purchase an app from the Apple app store.

Do you think that this update can be good for you as an iOS user?

Image Source: gdeluxe.com

Reddit summarized in a video

If you belong to those readers that still do not know exactly how Reddit works, we have the perfect video for you!

Reddit is a popular social news website that allows you to read the most interesting news of the Internet. Registered users can submit, vote, disuss on content and create a “hot” ranking system.  Reddit users are also allowed to subscribe to specific subredits, which are subcategories that characterize the news you want to follow. Although Reddit started as a humble website, it is now considered one of the most successful social networks, summarizing a broad curated content. Since 2005, Reddit has managed to become a very influential website, something more than just an aggregator.

It is considered a website that promotes the idea of community participation, taking one step further the news reading process through the Internet. Apart from that, it also has a more social side, which attracts more people day by day.

PBS interviewed Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, Reddit’s cofounders, and provided us with a very useful video.

If you still have questions then, and seek for an answer, check out this video. Even if you know about the Reddit basics, it is still interesting!

Reddit bans sexually suggestive images of minors

Social media site Reddit has decided to ban posts that are sexually suggestive or images that are exploiting minors.

After years of criticism and controversy, the site announced that it would ban all subreddits that harp on sexualization of minors.

According to a statement released by the company, “We have changed our policy because interpreting the vague and debated legal guidelines on a case by case basis has become a massive distraction and risks reddit being pulled in to legal quagmire. A necessary change in policy.”

Their decision to do so was in response to criticisms on the site community chat boards over a subreddit.

One user said, “My guees is it’s similar to /r/jailbait, a mix of photos from creeps lurking around on Facebook, from the seedier corners of the Internet, and a few tamer photos that could be seen in /r/pics. It might not be illegal, but it sure as hell is disturbing, and might break the ‘Don’t post personal info’ rule.”

Site administrators shut down “Jailbait” section last year after a 14 year old girl’s photo was posted. The photograph shows explicit and lewd images of the girl.

Reddit also added, “We understand that this might make some of your worried about the slippery slope from banning one specific type of content to banning other types of content. We’re concerned about that too, and do not make this policy change lightly or without careful deliberation. We will tirelessly defend the right to freely share information on reddit in any way we can, even if it is offensive or discusses something that may be illegal.”

Image source: geeks.thedailywh.at

Go Daddy losing clients over piracy stand

Bad news for website hosting giant Go Daddy. They have lost at least 37,000 domains in the past few days due to their Stop Online Piracy Act.

After Go Daddy appeared on the list of companies supporting the S.O.P.A., thousands upon thousands of their most valued clients stopped their subscription. Go Daddy initially belittled the effect on their decision to support the online act after individuals staged a boycott by switching their domains to another provider. Their early estimates of losses now seem to be inaccurate.

Now, Go Daddy has taken back their support to the S.O.P.A., but it was after 37,000 subscriptions were pulled out. This was according to a report by The Domains. They also added that the initial number of individuals who switched domains were at 15,000. 21,054 subscribers followed suit the next day. With the huge number of switching occurring, Go Daddy is about to lose a significant amount.

But TechCrunch and Gizmodo said that they are downplaying Go Daddy’s support of S.O.P.A.. The community link sharing site Reddit says that Go Daddy’s CEO Warren Adelman is really neutral in his stance when it comes to supporting S.O.P.A.. Adelman said that the bill still needs some tweaking.

The bill gives the U.S. government and copyright holders the authority to fail charges versus sites that are infringing, piracy and intellectual property.

Image credit: betanews.com

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