Reddit summarized in a video


If you belong to those readers that still do not know exactly how Reddit works, we have the perfect video for you!

Reddit is a popular social news website that allows you to read the most interesting news of the Internet. Registered users can submit, vote, disuss on content and create a “hot” ranking system. Reddit users are also allowed to subscribe to specific subredits, which are subcategories that characterize the news you want to follow. Although Reddit started as a humble website, it is now considered one of the most successful social networks, summarizing a broad curated content. Since 2005, Reddit has managed to become a very influential website, something more than just an aggregator.

It is considered a website that promotes the idea of community participation, taking one step further the news reading process through the Internet. Apart from that, it also has a more social side, which attracts more people day by day.

PBS interviewed Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, Reddit’s cofounders, and provided us with a very useful video.

If you still have questions then, and seek for an answer, check out this video. Even if you know about the Reddit basics, it is still interesting!


  1. I have tried with little benefit. I find myself mostly using the top three: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

  2. Well, Reddit seems to be for very specific use. And of course it could never be compared with Facebook or Twitter!

  3. Yes , I use reddit. Tech geeks are more active on there. Language at times gets intense 🙂 but it is a great place to create a very loyal community.

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