Social media giant Facebook is now testing a new feature that can be described as the biggest changes in the platform. The company is now testing a downvote feature that would allow Facebook users to “downvote” comments.


This feature was made known when Taylor Lorenz, a tech reporter, posted photos of what appears to be a Facebook feed showing the “downvote” comments. Lorenz posted these photos in a series of tweets.


Facebook is testing a ‘downvote’ button


Facebook’s downside feature is placed along side with the app’s Like and Reply buttons. While other Facebook users also reported seeing the downside comment feature on their feeds.


Upon learning Facebook’s downside comment feature, Lorenz wrote that “Facebook is testing downvoting comments. Very Reddit tbh!,” noting that the feature is similar to that of Reddit’s.


Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian Sr., wrote a comment, saying that Facebook’s feature is indeed very similar to Reddit’s. He responded in the tweet: “Sincerest form of flattery! Wish I’d trademarked it and ‘upvote’ when I came up with it.”



To date, the social media giant has yet to respond to the rumor about the downvote button. But this rumor has surfaced earlier, but the recent update of the app shows only the thumbs-up button.


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