Say Goodbye to Sony Playstation Vita Game Cards (and Consoles!) in 2019

Sony announced they would no longer make PS Vita physical games for US and Europe. They might also stop manufacturing the consoles.

Sony recently announced that they will no longer be producing the physical PS Vita games for the US and Europe. Digital distribution will still however continue.

Sony’s American and European branches “plan to end all Vita GameCard production by close of fiscal year 2018,” the company told developers in a message obtained by Kotaku.

It appears that the company’s game consoles may suffer the same fate. When asked by Japanese site GameSpark, the company confirmed that Japan will still get PS Vita cartridge games. But Sony did not give a clear answer on whether they will continue with the hardware production.

“Since in Japan we want everyone who keeps playing to enjoy an extensive game line-up, at this present point we plan to continue our marketing activity,” the Sony explained.

According to Kotaku, this answer isn’t reassuring at all because they did not answer anything about manufacturing. Instead, they chose to answer about their plans on marketing.

If indeed Sony will cease production of the PS Vita, it will not come as a surprise. The interest for the consoles has long died down, coupled with the high price.

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Persona 3, Persona 5 Dancing Games Japan Release Date, Gameplay, And Tracklist Announced

On Tuesday, Atlus has revealed a new trailer for the upcoming popular Persona 3 spin-off game-the Persona 5 Dancing Moon Night.

The live stream which was aired today, December 26 is said to be for the new Persona 5 anime series. The Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night sometimes airs on April 2018 in Japan.

Fans of the anime series who personally saw the trailer witnessed the series gameplay. Aside from this, the cast, as well as the soundtrack, was revealed.

What you need to know about  The Persona 5 Dancing Moon Night?

Hence, The Persona 5 Dancing Moon Night is expected to hit the local stores on May 24 next year. A Japan released date was revealed at the end of the live stream.

For those who wanted to check some clips about the game, they can watch the trailers that were released during the game’s debut announcement back in August. A higher resolution screenshots can also be viewed by the fans.

Meanwhile, Atlus also released a fresh artwork as well as the information about the special editions. This includes the information for aPS4, and a trailer for the game’s sister title, Persona 5 Dancing Star Night.

Persona 5 Dancing Moon Night will only be playable via PS4 and PS Vita, Atlus USA has yet to announce the release date of the version of the game for the Western market.

Nvidia: Mobile phone game graphics will be better than their game console counterparts

The graphics of video game consoles have grown rapidly since it was created. It used to look like a collection of pixels, now it has grown into a life-like model with such pristine quality.

But according to Nvidia, video game graphics by gaming consoles will be surpassed by their mobile phone counterparts.

The company unveiled a chart noting their future outlook of the computer and video game graphics through 2014.

It showed that new generation console graphics have already peaked while the graphical capabilities of mobile phones and PCs continue their climb. They added that it is possible that mobile graphics will match or can even surpass them in 2014.

Sony’s latest PS Vita have graphics that rival to some home consoles.

They noted that as the gap between these two have lessen, game console developers such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have felt an increase in competition with smartphones and pressure could likely be felt by these companies.

But if the next generation of gaming consoles are to be released, mobile phone game graphics will likely fall behind once more.

Rumors have been spreading that Xbox 360’s latest version features a new implementation of dual AMD CPUs.

Well, whatever it is, us consumers would surely enjoy this latest technology and race to develop a better way to enjoy gaming.

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F1 2011 comes to PS Vita

Men have always dreamed about getting behind the wheel of a Formula 1 race car. Imagine the thrill of being able to maneuver through the course with speed and precision? That would be an awesome experience.

Unfortunately for some, their yearning to become racecar drivers is being done in normal city streets. With pedestrians and other commuters using the same road as they do, the chances of getting to an accident are high.

Well, imagine no more. All you have to do to make your Formula 1 dreams come alive is a PlayStation Vita. Sony has announced that F1 2011 is making its way to the game console.

There is a single player season and a multiplayer race where you can play with up to four of your buddies at the same time. There is also time trial head-to-heads and short challenges.

This game is Codemasters’ third title to use the Formula One motorsport license. This was initially released for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS.

Formula One 2011 is joining Asphalt Injection, Ridge Racer, ModNation Racers: Road Trip, MotorStorm: RC and Wipeout 2048 was the titles that are now Vita ready.

We don’t have any news yet as for Sony’s in-house game Gran Turismo.

Check the website for further updates.

Sony’s Playstation Vita sells 321,000 in two days

Some bad news for the Japanese brand Sony. According to game-tracking firm Enterbrain, Sony’s Playstation Vita only sold 321,400 units on its first two days out in the market. While their rival Nintedo sold 50,000 more units of 3DS during the same period early this year.

Sony launched its latest toy last weekend. The new device has similar Playstation buttons on the right side and dual thumbsticks. It also has a Wi-Fi capability, 3G and front and rear cameras. It has a 5 inch display that is touch screen and has touchpads at the back of the gadget.

Though boasting of awe-inspiring features, the Vita is fighting an uphill climb in the tight gaming market.

2009 statistics show that the Nintendo DS captured 70 percent of the portable gaming revenue in the U.S.. Apple’s iOS and the Android had a combined 19 percent share while Sony’s PSP lagged behind with an 11% market.

According to Flurry Analytics, Nintendo’s share has dipped to 36 percent in just two years and Sony dropped to 6 percent. By year’s end, it is estimated that Android and iOS will account to 58 percent of the portable gaming devices sold in 2011.

The issue here is that Nintendo and Sony’s devices are solely for portable gaming. Smartphones such as the iPhone and the Galaxy Tabs gives individuals the ability to use their gadgets both for gaming and to make calls, access the web and popular apps.

According to CNET’s Jeff Bakalar, “portable console gaming no longer has a practical place in the current landscape of casual flick, drag and swipe games. He also added that, “there is no room for the 3DSes and Vitas of the world when all-in-one functionality is now more important than high-tech, gaming-focused mobile systems.”

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