Nvidia: Mobile phone game graphics will be better than their game console counterparts


The graphics of video game consoles have grown rapidly since it was created. It used to look like a collection of pixels, now it has grown into a life-like model with such pristine quality.

But according to Nvidia, video game graphics by gaming consoles will be surpassed by their mobile phone counterparts.

The company unveiled a chart noting their future outlook of the computer and video game graphics through 2014.

It showed that new generation console graphics have already peaked while the graphical capabilities of mobile phones and PCs continue their climb. They added that it is possible that mobile graphics will match or can even surpass them in 2014.

Sony’s latest PS Vita have graphics that rival to some home consoles.

They noted that as the gap between these two have lessen, game console developers such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have felt an increase in competition with smartphones and pressure could likely be felt by these companies.

But if the next generation of gaming consoles are to be released, mobile phone game graphics will likely fall behind once more.

Rumors have been spreading that Xbox 360’s latest version features a new implementation of dual AMD CPUs.

Well, whatever it is, us consumers would surely enjoy this latest technology and race to develop a better way to enjoy gaming.

Image Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com