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So alot happened on the Unvaulting Event that happened on May 4th, and for those of you who missed it we have all the details! Don’t forget to donate to our Kickstarter today and get some exclusive merch!

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Pokémon’s Upcoming RPG Is Out in 2019

Pokémon fans could now play their favorite game in Nintendo Switch. This comes after the Pokémon Company’s announcement that Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!” would be the first exclusive games for Nintendo Switch.


Pokémon to release more RPG for Switch in 2019


Fans should also expect more RPGs were coming to Switch as the company, in a press conference held in Japan, announced that other next generation of games would arrive in 2019.

Series director Junichi Masuda said that the Pokémon Company is working on another Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch.


“We’re also hard at work on another Pokemon core RPG designed for Nintendo Switch,” said Masuda. “It’s being designed simultaneously with Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!


Masuda added, “Today I can only tell you of its existence, but I can assure you that there’s another game that we’re pouring a lot of our energy into over at Game Freak.”


Meanwhile, in the same press conference, President Tsunekazu Ishihara has pointed out that the game series would be “in the tradition of Pokémon X and Y and Sun and Moon,” hinting that these series would likely comprise the eight generation (!) of games.


It can be recalled earlier that Pokémon Company disclosed that a traditional set of Pokémon games were in the works for Switch during Nintendo’s E3 2017 stream. Check the company’s 45-minute press conference below for more information.


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Pokemon’s Newest Legendary Makes Manga Debut

A new Legendary character for the Pokemon series is now making a wave online. The latest Pokemon series reveals the character of Zeraora, which fans claim that it would debut in the big screen sooner.


Zeraora is the latest Pokemon character to debut in film


However, before Zeraora debut in the anticipated Pokemon movie. The newest Legendary character is expected to appear in the manga tie-in for the movie. Fortunately, this would give fans an idea of how this character would appear in the page of the manga.



If you are not familiar with the upcoming Pokemon movie, it includes new characters such as Risa, a trainer with an Eevee, Kagachi and his Sudowoodo, the researcher Torito and his Chansey, mysterious girl Rarugo, and old woman Hisui.


Other returning cast includes Rica Matsumoto as Ash, Ikue Otani as Pikachu, Megumi Hayashibara as Jesse, Shinichiro Miki as James, Inuko Inuyama as Meowth, and Unsho Izhizuka as the film’s narrator.


In case you don’t know the next Pokemon film is entitled Pokemon: Everyone’s Story. The film is slated to be released in Japan on July 31. The film’s international release will follow later in the same year.



It was Shoji Yonemura who directed the previous film, Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! The movie was actually the twentieth film in the series which was released in Japan in July 2017 with a limited theatrical run worldwide on November 5.



Meanwhile, what could you expect with the manga tie-in page? It actually features a color page with new legendary Zeraora front and center. Also, the manga tie-in also features the newly designed Ash, which earlier had sparked a mixed reaction from fans when it was revealed.

Childhood Games that Deserve to be Remade for Mobile

Childhood Games Deserving To Be Remade On Mobile

There are these childhood games that deserve to be remade on mobile. We wish to have these games that we enjoyed during our childhood be available on Android and iOS.

Gaming is one thing most of us enjoyed during our childhood. Through the years, some of us even continue to do so. It may be on gaming consoles or smartphones.

Let us look back and see what games we enjoyed during our childhood deserve to be remade on mobile.

Super Mario Brothers

The game with the famous plumbers was first released by Nintendo 32 years ago. Super Mario Brothers is one game most of us would have played. This was a successor to the Mario Bros, which was released back in 1983. Players must control Mario, or his brother Luigi, to overcome various obstacles in different environments in the Mushroom Kingdom. The ultimate goal is to save the princess from the evil kidnapper Bowser.

Road Rash

Road Rash is a classic motorcycle racing game released by Electronic Arts (EA) back in 1991. The player has to win illegal street races which tend to get violent. The game became so popular that EA decided to turn it into a series. This gave much income for the company for years. Road Rash first debuted on the Sega Genesis console and over the next few years made its way on to other systems as well.

Pokemon Red/Blue

Nintendo got into the smartphone gaming space recently, with games like Pokemon Go and Mario. The games have seen a lot of downloads and positive reception till now. But still, many people want to bring back the original Pokemon games like the Red and Blue to the mobile platforms.


Pac-man is considered to be one of the classics and remains to be popular up until now. This is an arcade game developed and released by Namco Bandai back in 1980. It is so popular that on May 2010, Google created an interactive playable doodle of the game for its homepage. The players have to navigate Pac-Man through a maze filled with dots. Pac-Man must eat all the dots and while doing so, there are four ghosts hunting Pac-Man while he finishes the objective.


Contra is a run and gun action arcade game. The gaming world was taken by a storm, back in 1987, with the release of Contra. This game was developed and published by Konami. The game was so popular that it went on to spawn 10 sequels over the years.

We truly miss these childhood games. Games which made us enjoy childhood. Simple and uncomplicated though these games may have been, but we had fun with it. Thus they deserve to be remade on mobile. So children of today’s generation may experience the fun that we experienced before.

Pokemon Go Held A Special Egg Event With Loads of Rewards

Pokemon announced today that all the eggs that that will be collected on the 25th of January up to February 1st, will contain a Pokemon from the Heonn region. That simply means that any of those eggs found during the event will have a “Generation 3” Pokemon that’s been added months ago. That includes the new Rock ans Ground-Type Pokemon that were addes yesterday.

Well, as part of the event, Pokemon Go will give you a special Super Incubators on sale. That can decrease the distance needed to hatch an egg by 67%. And that simply means, less walking and more hatching! When using this Superincubator, a 10km egg hatch after just a walking 3.33KMs. It’s really efficient right?

But because new Pokemon were just added yesterday, it’s really hard to make a difinitive list of what you may get from the eggs.

However, here’s the list of Pokemon that were confirmed:

2KM eggs
1. Aron
2. Barboach
3. Gulpin
4. Luvdisc
5. Poochyena
6. Spoink
7. Wailmer
8. Whimsur
9. Wurmple
10. Zigzagoon

5KM eggs
1. Azurill
2. Carvanha
3. Corphish
4. Duskull
5. Lotad
6. Makuhita
7. Mudkip
8. Nosepass
9. Numel
10. Seedot
11. Shroomish
12. Shuppet
13. Skitty
14. Snorunt
15. Spheal
16. Torchic
17. Treecko
18. Wynaut

1. Feebas
2. Ralts
3. Slakoth
4. Trapinch

The list may not be official. It’s also a possibility that Pokemons like Cacnea, Baltoy, Lileep, and Anorith can be found but there are no reports of seeing them in the eggs yet.

The Strategy to get a Generation 3 Pokemon

The best strategy is to hatch all your old eggs to clear some space out. You can simply grab and hatch the eggs after the event is over. You might also want to grab a couple of Super Incubators to help clear out your 10KM eggs as quickly as possible.

The event will only last until February 1st so you may now start walking and hatching!

Catch ‘Em All, Including Your Next Date!

Yup, you’ve read the title right. With the Pokémon GO app the current hottest thing in App stores around the world, it was only a matter of time before those pale-skinned basement gamers came outside to socialize with real people. Why not do one better and possibly get a date while you’re at it? You never know what your destiny may hold!

PokeMatch co-creator Rene Roosen needed a date while wanting to catch Pokemon. He teamed up with his friends Pim de Witte and Troy Osinoff to Create PokeMatch. PokeMatch is an app that allows you to find dates or friends that play Pokemon GO. After launching Android-only, the app went crazy on Reddit and was covered by major news outlets such as CBS and Forbes. PokeMatch has already created more than 10 THOUSAND matches! Today, the app was released for iPhone.

Pim de Witte, co-creator of the app says: “We’re seeing insane growth. Something I’ve never seen before is happening to us, and it is feeling kind of surreal. People are using our app all over the world. With the launch of our new iOS app, we hope to connect every single Pokemon GO player.”

Players are not only using the app to find dates, but also to find other team members to play with. With the release of our new feature to find friends, we are helping bring more players together than ever. This highly requested feature will bring in a whole new audience into the app. This is no longer a Pokemon dating app, this is now an app to make connections.

“It’s not just a hook-up app, PokeMatch and Pokemon GO create actual connections between people, completely for free,” says Pim de Witte.

“Our objective since launch has expanded, from an app to find a date to an app to make connections. Pokemon GO has brought everyone outside to play Pokemon, our objective is to connect them,” says Troy Osinoff.

“We’re also seeing people use it because they feel safer going Pokemon hunting with other people. It can be quite scary to go out on your own,” says Rene Roosen.

Rene has also managed to find a date himself using the app. Pim is already married and has simply been enjoying the ride.

It can be found on the following links:

IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pokematch-meet-new-trainers/id1135238529?ls=1&mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pokedashmatch

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