A new Legendary character for the Pokemon series is now making a wave online. The latest Pokemon series reveals the character of Zeraora, which fans claim that it would debut in the big screen sooner.


Zeraora is the latest Pokemon character to debut in film


However, before Zeraora debut in the anticipated Pokemon movie. The newest Legendary character is expected to appear in the manga tie-in for the movie. Fortunately, this would give fans an idea of how this character would appear in the page of the manga.



If you are not familiar with the upcoming Pokemon movie, it includes new characters such as Risa, a trainer with an Eevee, Kagachi and his Sudowoodo, the researcher Torito and his Chansey, mysterious girl Rarugo, and old woman Hisui.


Other returning cast includes Rica Matsumoto as Ash, Ikue Otani as Pikachu, Megumi Hayashibara as Jesse, Shinichiro Miki as James, Inuko Inuyama as Meowth, and Unsho Izhizuka as the film’s narrator.


In case you don’t know the next Pokemon film is entitled Pokemon: Everyone’s Story. The film is slated to be released in Japan on July 31. The film’s international release will follow later in the same year.



It was Shoji Yonemura who directed the previous film, Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! The movie was actually the twentieth film in the series which was released in Japan in July 2017 with a limited theatrical run worldwide on November 5.



Meanwhile, what could you expect with the manga tie-in page? It actually features a color page with new legendary Zeraora front and center. Also, the manga tie-in also features the newly designed Ash, which earlier had sparked a mixed reaction from fans when it was revealed.