Pokemon Go Held A Special Egg Event With Loads of Rewards


Pokemon announced today that all the eggs that that will be collected on the 25th of January up to February 1st, will contain a Pokemon from the Heonn region. That simply means that any of those eggs found during the event will have a “Generation 3” Pokemon that’s been added months ago. That includes the new Rock ans Ground-Type Pokemon that were addes yesterday.

Well, as part of the event, Pokemon Go will give you a special Super Incubators on sale. That can decrease the distance needed to hatch an egg by 67%. And that simply means, less walking and more hatching! When using this Superincubator, a 10km egg hatch after just a walking 3.33KMs. It’s really efficient right?

But because new Pokemon were just added yesterday, it’s really hard to make a difinitive list of what you may get from the eggs.

However, here’s the list of Pokemon that were confirmed:

2KM eggs
1. Aron
2. Barboach
3. Gulpin
4. Luvdisc
5. Poochyena
6. Spoink
7. Wailmer
8. Whimsur
9. Wurmple
10. Zigzagoon

5KM eggs
1. Azurill
2. Carvanha
3. Corphish
4. Duskull
5. Lotad
6. Makuhita
7. Mudkip
8. Nosepass
9. Numel
10. Seedot
11. Shroomish
12. Shuppet
13. Skitty
14. Snorunt
15. Spheal
16. Torchic
17. Treecko
18. Wynaut

1. Feebas
2. Ralts
3. Slakoth
4. Trapinch

The list may not be official. It’s also a possibility that Pokemons like Cacnea, Baltoy, Lileep, and Anorith can be found but there are no reports of seeing them in the eggs yet.

The Strategy to get a Generation 3 Pokemon

The best strategy is to hatch all your old eggs to clear some space out. You can simply grab and hatch the eggs after the event is over. You might also want to grab a couple of Super Incubators to help clear out your 10KM eggs as quickly as possible.

The event will only last until February 1st so you may now start walking and hatching!