CES 2018: LG Kicks Off Expensive TV race with an 88-inch 8K OLED Display

For the upcoming CES 2018, LG is likely to debut a television that brags both greater sizes and resolution. Recent news hinted that the company would be showcasing a new and modern 88-inch TV with OLED display and 8K resolution.


The Korean manufacturer’s plan seems so ambitious that it would introduce a largest OLED screen size come to CES this year. If LG would certainly pursue such plan, the 88-inch OLED display with 8K resolution is by-far the largest TV screen size that uses 8K technology.

What we know so far with LG’s ambitious OLED TV?


LG previously manufactured a 77-inch OLED display with only 4K technology. But this kind of TV was offered only by some companies such as LG Electronics, Sony, and Panasonic, respectively. Both Sony and Panasonic sourced their large OLED panels from the Korean manufacturer.


Also, a report indicates that LG has yet to announce the price of its ambitious OLED TV. What we know so far is that LG is selling its 77-inch OLED TV with 4K resolution. The TV has a  price tag of $20, 000. While the company’s rival Samsung is already selling an 88-inch TV using QLED technology for the same price of $20, 000.


Meanwhile, some would claim that Samsung’s QLED technology on their television is comparable only to 4K resolution. The issue until now is being debated. What is certain though is that 4K OLED screen display is getting cheaper. Many consumers can actually afford 4K OLED TV, and this makes such technology getting more affordable.


Certainly, the CES 2018 would be LG’s perfect venue to showcase its innovative and modern 88-inch OLED TV. Right now, 8K technology is a thing, and we see LG to push its limit to manufacture a TV with a bigger screen, and crisp resolution.

Panasonic: “Pixel numbers don’t matter”

Do pixel numbers really mean a lot to the quality of the image your DSLR produce?

According to Panasonic spokesperson Barney Sykes, in an exclusive interview with TechRadar, he said that it’s not all about the number of pixels in a camera.

With the influx of DSLR companies offering high resolution sensors, Panasonic isn’t one who would follow the bandwagon.

According to Sykes, “It’s just a number isn’t it? It’s a number. It’s relative to the sensor, its pixel density.”

Panasonic’s highest resolution camera is currently at 16.6 million pixel device on their G3 cam.

Their latest introduction to the camera market is the GF5 with a 12 million pixel sensor, which Panasonic says that produces the same image as camera’s with high resolution sensor capability.

“In interchangeable lens cameras, consumers are a bit wiser. I think the megapixel bubble has somewhat burst now. It’s not about the number of megapixels you have, it’s about the quality of the image you can get, and that’s what we’re focusing on,” he added.

Sykes also said, “The ultimate goal is image quality and other things such as usability, filter effects, intelligent auto, things like that, it’s not just the number of pixels.”

What can big names like Canon and Nikon say about the claim of Panasonic?

Image Source: pocket-lint.com

Lufthansa and Panasonic to provide in-flight Internet

Long-haul business passengers of the German flag carrier won’t have to worry about missing text messages and emails.

Lufthansa and Panasonic has teamed up to provide passengers in-flight wireless Internet starting next year. Lufhansa boss Wolfgang Mayrhuber claimed that the Internet experience will be comparable “with those available at powerful hotspots or upmarket hotels”.

According to Michael Lamberty, a spokesman from the carrier, prototypes will be tested by the end of the year and by mid-2010, 50 long-haul planes will be offering the service. Aside from being able to use the Internet, Lamberty said passengers will also now be able to send text messages via mobile phones.

Lufthansa offered a similar service before but it wasn’t very well accepted so the company withdrew it by the end of 2006. Now, it seems like they are willing to test the waters again and with the popularity (not to mention necessity) of being connected all the time, who knows? They might just succeed this time.  🙂

Source: http://tech.yahoo.com/news/afp/20091012/tc_afp/germanyjapanairlinecompanyinternetlufthansapanasonic

FZ28 from Panasonic overhauled

Shutterbugs rejoice!

Panasonic has just revealed an overhauled (though not visible from the inside) FZ28 megazoom with the Lumix DMC-FZ35.

The upgrades? Higher resolution, improved optical image stabilizer, faster AF, and a new movie codec.

The image stabilizer uses the new Power OIS, optimized for low-frequency handshake which adds 2 stops of shakes reduction and is most effective in low light, according to Panasonic.

The company also made the new AF system faster than the old one. And if you want to shoot some videos, the FZ35 lets you use the more efficient AVCHD Lite codec which also supports stereo sound. Unlike most competitors, the FZ35 allows users to adjust shutter speed and aperture for movie recording.

Lastly, the FZ35 ha an extended battery life of approximately 470 pictures so you can keep taking those snapshots on and on and on…or as long as you have memory space left. 😉

The Lumix DMC-FZ35 will be sold for $399 and is expected to be available in stores by mid August.

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10296249-1.html

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